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Welcome! Treat Your Own Pain was developed based upon the idea that YOU, with the proper guidance and knowledge, have the power to treat your own pain. Our website provides countless resources to guide you down the path of a pain free life.

We have developed a safe, easy and effective 3 Step Method that has been tried and proven in both relieving and preventing pain. Not only are you shown how to relieve your pain with numerous safe & easy exercises, but you’re also given the priceless & often overlooked information as to the causes of pain./p>

Step One – Remove The Causes

This is a vital step, as simply treating your pain without first identifying & removing the cause will, at best, lead to temporary relief. Many people experience relief from their pain by following this step alone.

Step Two – Heal The Pain

You will learn several safe & easy-to-perform but very powerful & extremely effective exercises and techniques to allow you to reduce or remove your pain, including problems such as impingements, sciatica, disk bulges and pinched nerves.

Step Three – Maintaining A Healthy Body

In step three, after having discovered and removed the causes of your pain in step one and practiced the exercises & techniques taught in step two, you will learn even more techniques to maintain your body in a strong and healthy condition.


“After a sleepless night i got up at 5am with terrible pain in my neck,i came across you and your exercise on the internet after doing it twice in an hour i felt 50% better after another 2 or 3 times pain almost gone thank you so much.”
Robert Few

“Hiya first of all your video is awesome I have been suffering with dead arm on my left side for over a month pins and needles in my hand too ! Your exercises have helped no end ! How come it took so long for a doctor to recommend these ? Not even my chiropractor mentioned them …… Not until I broke down in tears in hospital ! Thank you so much I am now able to hug which I’m sending your way …….. legend !”

“The best such video I have found. For my part I found the explanation using the idea of a balloon very helpful. You are an excellent teacher in addition to having exceptional insight into this problem. Thank you profoundly. I can’t wait to start following these exercises.”

“Thank u so much Mark. I have been dealing with cervical pain C4-C5 for the past month. Saw my chiropractor for the searing unbearable pain twice. Over last 5 years he had never once told me about my posture!!!”

Betsy Dabbert
“Holy cow! I started doing this at 4am (did it twice) went to bed. Woke up 20 min ago & did 10 reps of double chin & I already feel less pain in my arm.”
Melody Herman
“This video saved me. Had a full herniated disc in C6-7 and my tricep had shut-down almost completely. It’s been a long recovery but attribute improvements to following this video. ”
Krys Seibold
“Thank you – this video saved me from a planned neck operation and ongoing muscle loss in my right arm and loss of sensation in my thumb & fingers – Did I say THANK YOU? Well – just in case – THANK YOU. Thank you – Tony W. (PS Thank you!)”
Anthony Willis
“Thank you for this video. I have been in searing pain with 2 bulged discs for 3 weeks now. Been to Chiropractor, doing traction, and this video was explained beautifully. Where are the step one and step 2 for more exercises?”
Allison Weigand
“I do not know who you are but in my eyes you are a god. I have issues from C2 all the ways C6. I have been physical therapy for 7 months. although it has helped ..it is only maintaining. the pain comes right back. I started doing these exercises yesterday afternoon. I already have more range in motion, and the pain has gone from a 10 plus down to a two or three. the past 9 months of my life have been ruined. or shall I say I thought my entire life was ruined. you have given my life back to me.”
“Very good explanation! Great information! Thank You!”

“This is amazing. I could cry. Thank you for posting this.”

“Thank You very much. Now i understood whats going on with my neck”
Shwetha Shiva
“Your explanation was great thank you”
“Thankyou! So well explained!”
jayashree rajan
“Really really helped me understand on a patient level, thanks. Subscribed”
“thank you!! your explanations are very clear and address the exact problem with which I was just diagnosed, a bulging disc in my cervical spine.”
“i’m writing a basic dissertation ont his stuff and this is exactly what i’ve been looking for! in the medical world this sort of infomation is just assumed. really clear explanation, thanks!”
“Wow. This really works, amazing!!”
John Breen
“Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I am a musician and tend to slouch and lower my head when I’m practising. My neck has been killing me for about 5 days…with computer work, etc. you get the drift. These exercises are already helping! Thank you so much!”
Linda McRae
“Mark, I wanted to say a huge thank you! I have been doing these moves daily and what a huge relief. I am now very conscious of my neck posture and though I must look strange constantly doing ‘the double chin’, it gives me instant relief and has helped reeducate my muscles. I have very strong neck and shoulder muscles from years of athleticism so left unstretched, they can cause a lot of pain. Forward posture can occur with athletes when there is over development of rear muscles as opposed to the front ones. With your help, I am working on this and it feels great. Keep up the great vids! :)))”
Withering Flower
“After a few hours, I can already notice a huge difference and I haven’t needed to take any pain medicine or muscle relaxers the entire day. I’m shocked that they didn’t show me to do these exercises in physical therapy. They were having me to do the forward and down head stretch! So glad I found this video, thank you very much.”
“Mark, thank you so much.
I’ve been having these pain in my arm for 3 week and didn’t have a clue. I finally decided to see the Doc tomorrow. I came across your video and it was an miracle. I did your exercise and even went sleep on my stomach. Today my pain is 80% gone, and I don’t have to see the Doc today.
Again thank you so much for you work”
“My God thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Thanks so much for posting this. I regularly pinch my brachial nerve and now I understand why and this week I have been able to relieve the pain and have started changing posture etc to treat the causes. Thanks again – this is great info!”
Chuck Farley
“Hi Mark. Thanks for posting your DVD. I found it to be very helpful. I have bulging disks in my neck that that were aggravated due to injury. It left me with constant pain that radiated from the back to the right side. I’ve had a number of different treatments, but in the end, I continued to experience pain. A green “Freeze” gel has been very helpful temporarily. I started doing the exercises that you described religiously hour-by-hour. After about a week, in combination with the green gel, I find that I’m getting hours of relief. Whenever I begin to feel discomfort, I do the “double chins” and am happy to say that I get relief. Thank you for your help

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